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What is a Private Limited Company?

 A private limited company is a corporation privately held for small businesses. This type of business entity limits owner liability to their shareholdings, the number of shareholders to 200, and restricts shareholders from publicly trading shares. ” make your own company with us”

Steps for forming a Private Limited Company:

Looking to register your company as a private limited company? Registering your company as a Private Limited Company is difficult as the procedure is complicated and involves many compliances. Do not fear as our experts can help you in every step of the private limited company registration. Instead of reading through the entire registration process, you can avail our Expert Service

Step 1: Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Step 2: Obtain DIN*

Step 3: Name Availability

Step 4: Form SPICE INC-32

Step 5: MOA and AOA

Step 6: PAN and TAN Application

Documents required for filing SPICe (INC-32)

The following documents must be filed with SPICe (INC-32) for the incorporation of a company:
A. Where director and subscriber are Indian Nationals
  • An Affidavit on a Stamp Paper is to be given by all the subscribers of the Company to state their willingness to become the shareholders of the Company
  • Proof of office address – Rental Agreement
  • Copies of utility bills that are not older than two months
  • Copy of approval in case the proposed name of the company contains any word(s) or expression(s) that require approval from central government
  • If the proposed name is based on a registered trademark or is subject matter of an application pending for registration under the Trade Marks Act, then it is mandatory to attach the trademark registration certificate or trademark application copy
  • NOC from the owner of the property
  • In case of subscribers/ Director does not have a DIN, it is mandatory to attach, proof of identity and address proof of the subscribers
B.Where director/subscriber is a foreign National
  • Passport
  • Address proof: It can be driving license, residence card, bank statement, Government issued form of identification containing an address
Registered office proof: It can be registered document which shows the title of the premises in the name of the company or notarized copy of lease deed or rental agreement.

What is the Cost involved in Private Limited Company Registration?

The following is the government fees required for registration:
Plan amount                                                                                       ₹10999
DSC                                                                                                     ₹2000
DIN                                                                                                      ₹1000
Professional Fees                                                                                  ₹3799
Stamp Duty (approx)                                                                             ₹2500
Notary Fees                                                                                          ₹500
Govt Fees (RUN, PAN, TAN)                                                                     ₹1200
Goods and Services Tax @ 18%                                                               ₹684
Total                                                                                                            ₹11683

What is the Time required to register a company?

The whole process including approval of DIN, Name, and Incorporation takes around 7 working days. However, now-a-days registering a Company has become a fast process as all documents are dragged in a single application form with MCA. It is a big step towards e- governance and for businesses who are looking for expansion of operations.