28/04/2023, State GST authorities have introduced a new tool to check document Reference Numbers (RFN) given in offline communications.

Notices, orders, and other documents are generated by the GST portal (the “System”) and sent to the taxpayer. The majority of these documents have a DIN (Document Identification Number)/RFN (Reference Number), which is a system-generated unique identification. These documents are already tracable in the portal, namely on the taxpayer’s dashboard, by virtue of being generated by the System. However, a facility for taxpayers to confirm such documents through such an automatically generated RFN is currently being developed and will be made available soon.

Additionally, a new facility for Reference Number (RFN) generation by State tax officer and taxpayer verification has been provided. This will allow taxpayers to confirm whether or not an offline communication—that is, one that was not generated by a system—was actually sent by the State GST tax officer. This feature allows the State Tax office to produce an RFN for any physically generated communication that is delivered to the taxpayer, which the taxpayer may then authenticate (both before and after logging in). Once installed, the ability to seamlessly access RFN verification of System-generated documents using the same link shall also be provided.

Navigate to Services > User Services > Verify RFN option and enter the Reference Number to be verified. This Reference Number is mentioned on the offline communications sent to you by State GST officers.

The information will be displayed if the RFN is for an offline communication created by a State GST officer. When the taxpayer signs in and confirms the RFN stated in an offline communication that was sent to him or her, more information will be available. The restricted details will be offered prior to login as well for verification.

This service is for state GST administrations’ offline correspondence. CBIC DIN may be used for documents issued by Central GST authorities.

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