22/03/2023 IRPs Portal’s HSN Code Notification in e-Invoice

Dear Taxpayers,

  1. We would like to draw your attention to Central Tax Notification No. 78/2020, issued October 15, 2020. According to the aforementioned notification, taxpayers must now record an HSN number with a minimum of six valid digits for all outward supplies with an AATO of more than 5 crores in any prior financial year.
  2. We would like to let you know that this requirement has already been enacted in the GST system, and we are currently working with our IRP partners, including NIC, to do the same for the IRPs portal. Furthermore, it is advised to report a valid eight-digit HSN code in place of generating a six-digit HSN code artificially in cases where a six-digit HSN code is not accessible.
  3. We are aware that this prerequisite might also call for modifications to your system. We want to reassure you that we plan to give taxpayers and IRP partners enough time to adjust their practises to meet this requirement.
  4. We will soon let you know the precise timing of implementation.

Thanking You,
Team 2S Services

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