21/03/2023 Advice for taxpayers who want to file with GST as a “One Person Company”

A “One Person Company” is a corporation with just one member, as specified by section 2(62) of the 2013 Companies Act.

The people registering as “One Person Companies” while obtaining GST registration have brought up a few problems. Following analysis, it was discovered that the choice to select a one-person company was absent from the forms made available by the CGST and SGST Acts, and was therefore also absent from the GSTN portal.

As a workaround, it is recommended that if the taxpayer wishes to register for GST as a “One Person Company,” they should choose the option “Others” under the “Business Details” tab of the “Part B” of the GST Registration Form “REG-01”. The applicant must choose “Others” as an option, add “One Person Company” to the text box, and then follow the normal registration application procedures to finish the process.

It is recommended to submit a ticket through the self-help portal if there are any additional problems.

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