16/06/2023, Alert: Update on Taxpayer e-Invoicing Enablement Status

Respected Taxpayer,

This is to tell you that the threshold for e-Invoicing for B2B transactions has been dropped from 10 crores to 5 crores per Notification No. 10/2023 – Central Tax dated May 10, 2023. This modification will take effect on August 1st, 2023.

2. To this end, GSTN has made e-Invoicing available to all qualified taxpayers having an aggregate annual turnover (AATO) of at least Rs. 5 crores as per GSTN records in any prior financial year. These taxpayers can now report e-invoices on all six IRP portals, including NIC-IRP.

3. At https://einvoice.gst.gov.in , the e-Invoice portal allows you to monitor your enablement status.

4. Trade would benefit from signing up and using the sandbox testing option offered by the IRP portals. This will ensure a smooth transition to the e-Invoice system and assist taxpayers become comfortable with the invoice reporting process.

5. Please take note that using e-Invoicing is not legally required of taxpayers based on the enablement status displayed on the e-Invoice site. However, taxpayers must assess their actual obligation to create IRN in light of the relevant notification requirements and any relevant personal information.

6. While just the turnover criteria recorded in GSTR-3B are used to determine which GSTINs are enabled, it is crucial for taxpayers to validate that they meet the requirements stated in the notification/rules. As a result, it is the concerned taxpayer’s legal duty to ensure compliance on the part of both buyers and suppliers.

7. If this is the case, a taxpayer who is otherwise eligible but not automatically activated on the e-Invoice portal can do so by using the capability offered by the portal.

8. All qualified taxpayers should get aware with the e-Invoicing procedures and take the appropriate actions to ensure compliance with the new threshold, the GSTN underlines once more.

Thank You,
Team 2S Services

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