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Check the refund status of your bank account.

Have your bank and another bank merged?
Your bank branch has changed, right?
Has the number on your bank account changed?
Has your bank account’s name changed?
Have you closed or stopped using your bank account?
Your bank account’s IFSC code may have changed.


Your bank account information has to be updated or revalidated on the e-filing site.

Log in to the following page: https://eportal.incometax.gov.in > Profile > My bank Accounts > to change or revalidate your bank account information. Toggle between the three vertical dots. Select Revalidate, then make the necessary data changes to update the details. On the Validate button, click.

Log in to https://eportal.incometax.gov.in > Profile > My bank Accounts > create bank account > fill out the necessary information > click the Validate option to create a new bank account.

You can check the validation status of your bank account after some time has passed.

When the bank account’s status changes to Validated, don’t forget to nominate it for a refund by turning on the ‘Nominate for Refund’ button.

By selecting the three vertical dots on the “My bank accounts” screen, you can delete a bank account if the validation of that account was unsuccessful.

Please be sure to validate and nominate for return only those bank accounts that are related to your PAN. A bank account that is not linked to a PAN cannot get a refund.

To learn more: Watch the video at https://youtu.be/2ie86mHNeyc to learn how to pre-validate your bank account.

You can contact our helpdesk at 18001030025 180041940025 (toll free) and +91-80-46122000 +91-80-61464700 for any additional assistance.

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