13/09/2023, Warning: There is a deadline for reporting invoices on the IRP Portal.

Dear Users/Consumers,

1.This is to advise you that the Government has decided to set a deadline for taxpayers with AATOs bigger than 100 crores to disclose old invoices on the e-invoice IRP portals.

  1. Taxpayers in this group will not be permitted to record invoices that are more than 30 days old on the reporting date in order to guarantee timely compliance.
  2. Take notice that all document kinds (invoices, credit notes, and debit notes) for which IRN is to be generated will be subject to this restriction.
    4.For instance, a bill with a November 1, 2023, due date cannot be reported after November 30, 2023. The validation features embedded within the portals for invoice registration prevent users from reporting invoices after the 30-day limit has passed. Because of this, it is crucial for taxpayers to make sure they report the invoice within the new time limit’s 30-day deadline.
  3. It is further clarified that, as of right now, taxpayers having AATOs less than 100 crores will not be subject to this reporting restriction.
    6.It is recommended to apply this requirement starting on November 1, 2023, to provide taxpayers enough time to comply with it, which may necessitate changes to your systems.

Thank You,
Team 2S Services

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