08/06/2023, GSTN’s E-Invoice Verifier App: Advisory

Respected Taxpayer,

  1. The GSTN-developed E-Invoice Verifier App has been released and provides a practical means of checking e-Invoices and other associated information. GSTN recognises the value of quick and precise e-invoice verification, and this software seeks to make the procedure simple for your convenience.
  2. Key Features and Benefits of the E-Invoice Verifier App:
    • QR Code Verification: Using the app, customers can authenticate the embedded value by scanning the QR code on an e-Invoice. This aids in determining the e-Invoice’s accuracy and legitimacy.
    • User-Friendly Interface: The app has an intuitive user interface that makes it simple for users to explore the app’s features and functionalities.
    • Coverage Across All Six IRPs: The software supports e-Invoices reported across all six IRPs, ensuring ease and spanning across all six IRPs.
    • The software is non-login based, therefore in order to enjoy its features, users are not obliged to register for an account or give out sensitive personal data. This makes it easier for users to utilise and more convenient for them.
  3. Use instructions for the e-Invoice Verifier App:
    • Install the App: Browse the Google Play Store and look up “E-Invoice QR Code Verifier.” The app is free to download and install on your mobile device. Soon, the iOS version will be accessible.
    • Use the app to scan the QR codes on your electronic invoices. The information contained in the code will be verified by the app, and it may be compared to the data printed on the invoice.
  4. GSTN emphasises that there is no user login or authentication process necessary for the e-Invoice Verifier App. Anyone can read the information supplied by scanning a QR code for free.
  5. See the app’s FAQs for more information in detail. You may get more tips on using the app and have any questions answered by reading this extensive FAQ.
  6. GSTN is committed to improving your use of the E-Invoice Verifier App and offering a smooth e-Invoice verification procedure. Additionally, GSTN is aiming to release Version 2 with the Search IRN feature, which will speed up your e-Invoice verification.

Thank You,
Team 2S Services

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