07/07/2023,Important Update: All States and Union Territories Now Have Access to Geocoding Functionality

Respected Taxpayer,

GSTN is happy to announce that all States and Union territories now have access to the feature for geocoding the primary place of business address. In order to assure the accuracy of address facts in GSTN records and speed the address location and verification procedure, this technology was implemented that translates an address or description of a location into geographic coordinates.

The addresses of more than 1.8 crore major business locations have been correctly geocoded by GSTN. Additionally, starting in March 2022, all new addresses are geocoded at the moment of registration, guaranteeing the quality and uniformity of address data right away.

Taxpayers can use and access this feature in the following ways:

  1. Using the Functionality: In the FO portal, you may locate this functionality under the Services/Registration tab.
  2. Using the Functionality: The geocoded address generated by the system will be shown, and you can choose to accept it or amend it based on your needs. When the geocoded address provided by the system isn’t available, a blank will be shown and you can edit the geocoded address yourself.
  3. Viewing the Geocoded Address: Under the “Place of Business” tab on the site, the geocoded address information will be saved separately. After logging onto the portal, you may examine them under My profile>>Place of Business tab under the heading “Principal Geocoded”. Please be aware that your current addresses won’t change as a result of this.
  4. One-time Activity: After you submit the geocoding information, the geocoding link will no longer be displayed on the portal. The address cannot be changed after submission for this one-time activity. Taxpayers who have already geocoded their addresses through new registration or core amendment will not be able to use the service. Please be aware that only the core amendment process will allow you to update the address listed on your registration certificate. The previously saved address record would not be impacted by this geocoding functionality.
  5. Availability: This feature is accessible to all active, cancelled, and suspended regular, composition, SEZ units, SEZ developers, ISD, and casual taxpayers.

Thank You,
Team 2S Services

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