04/03/2023 Advisory : GSTN now offers electronic invoice filing services with private IRPs.

On the advice of the GST Council, GSTN launched the e-invoice registration services through a number of private IRPs as another move towards further digitising the business process flow. The GSTN appointed four private businesses, namely ClearTax, Cygnet, E&Y, and IRIS Business Ltd, to offer these e-invoice registration services to all national GST users. You can access the specifics of the current and new IPRs at https://einvoice.gst.gov.in/einvoice/dashboard.

The taxpayers can now submit their e-invoices using more than one IRP (in the past, there was only one NIC portal available to them). This significantly increases the capacity and redundancy of the previous singular e-invoice registration portal.

The seamless exchange of an electronic invoice that has been digitally signed between buyers and vendors through integration with the GST system will make it simpler for taxpayers to comply with the law. Additionally, it will make it easier for invoice information to be auto-drafted and auto-populated in GST returns, improving accuracy, the correctness of supply reporting, and the ability of supply receivers to claim ITCs.

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